Technical Difficulties: Didn’t Get to Brazil x Cameroon, But Here’s the 2nd Half of Italy x Uruguay

So, it turns out that it’s difficult to find the time to yell at your TV.  Especially during the baby’s nap.  Which is what happened yesterday as Brazil won its group after beating Cameroon, albeit with a dubious off sides goal from Fred.

Technical difficulties this morning prevented me doing the RealExciting play-by-play for the first half of Italy and Uruguay’s Group D clash.  Nevertheless, here’s the second half.  This is, by far, the most discombobulated play-by-play to feature on the site as of yet.  Have a good laugh!

Click Here for the Second Half of Italy vs. Uruguay in RealExciting Style!

Can I just say, what a second half to call?  By far the strangest and most tense 45 minutes of soccer so far in the World Cup.