Halftime Report: Yes, I Throw Fake Ads into My Play-by-Plays à la Brazilian Radio

So, I’m in my living room calling the play-by-play for Portugal-USA and my wife interjects with a comment, “Dude.  What are all these fake ads you throw into your play-by-play?  Maybe you need to explain those to your four listeners.”  She has a point.

My play-by-play is influenced heavily by Brazilian radio broadcasts, which throw ads into the middle of their broadcasts all the time.  One of my ads, about “keeping out of danger by always constructing your homes at least three meters from the power lines,” is stolen directly from the Brazilian ad.  The Brazilian ad is a public service announcement by the power company in Sao Paulo, EletriPaulo.  Instead of saying my ad is brought to you be EletriPaulo, which it clearly is not, I bring you my ad from “the Mysterious Electric Paul.”  What does that mean?  I have no idea.  Anyway, those are the fake ads you might be hearing.

Enjoy the second half and then check back at RealExcitingSoccer.com later tonight for the play-by-play for the  match in RealExciting Style!