Halftime Report: Yes, I Throw Fake Ads into My Play-by-Plays à la Brazilian Radio

So, I’m in my living room calling the play-by-play for Portugal-USA and my wife interjects with a comment, “Dude.  What are all these fake ads you throw into your play-by-play?  Maybe you need to explain those to your four listeners.”  She has a point.

My play-by-play is influenced heavily by Brazilian radio broadcasts, which throw ads into the middle of their broadcasts all the time.  One of my ads, about “keeping out of danger by always constructing your homes at least three meters from the power lines,” is stolen directly from the Brazilian ad.  The Brazilian ad is a public service announcement by the power company in Sao Paulo, EletriPaulo.  Instead of saying my ad is brought to you be EletriPaulo, which it clearly is not, I bring you my ad from “the Mysterious Electric Paul.”  What does that mean?  I have no idea.  Anyway, those are the fake ads you might be hearing.

Enjoy the second half and then check back at later tonight for the play-by-play for the  match in RealExciting Style!

Germany-Portugal RealExciting Play-by-Play

I recognize that EVERYONE in the USA is currently watching Ghana-USA right now.  That said, despite many interruptions from kids during the course of the match, I was able to get through the full play by play for Germany-Portugal.

Brought to in RealExcitingSoccer style!  Synch up your DVR and have a listen to our play-by-play of the match that took place earlier today in Salvador at the Arena Fonte Nova!

Click Here for Germany vs. Portugal RealExcitingSoccer Play-by-Play

Today: Death! With Two Audio Surprises Later Today

Group G is the “Group of Death” in this year’s World Cup.  With an average FIFA World Ranking of 13.5 (Germany 2nd, Portugal 4th, USA 13th, and Ghana 37th), it is the toughest group by that measure alone.  The USA has a tough road ahead if it’s going to get out of the Group stage, where only the top two teams in the group advance to the knockout round.  But stranger things have happened.

In honor of the magnitude of Group G play today, I’ll be doing play-by-play in RealExciting fashion and will post them later today.  If you’re unable to watch the matches live, watch this space and synch up your DVR to watch the match with RealExciting play-by-play.

The RealExciting Reason for This Website

Yesterday I promised an audio surprise for the readers of this website.  This audio surprise is, in fact, the reason I created this website.  I have talked a little bit about my experience watching the 1998 World Cup in Brazil with Brazilians hereOne of the most enchanting things about that experience for me was listening to Brazilian play-by-play.  Fast paced.  Passionate.  Rhythmic.  Goal calls that would give you goose bumps. 

When I got back to the United States to watch the rest of the 1998 World Cup, something was missing.  It didn’t feel quite the same.  I didn’t realize until later that the play-by-play that I experienced in Brazil was part of what made soccer so exciting for me.  After recognizing the difference some years later, I came to the realization that soccer play-by-play in English is rather boring.  Either you have Englishmen who are reserved or Americans who have converted over from other sports.  And neither one of them delivers the passion and rhythm that our Latin American and Brazilian neighbors do.  I’ve listened to A LOT of Brazilian play-by-play over the past couple of years.  Which then caused me to sit in my living room to see if I could do what they do in English.  I’m still pretty green.  But it’s coming along.  It’s to the point that I’m tired of sitting in my living room feeling silly by calling soccer matches for nobody.  It’s time to get my play-by-play out there.  Which is why I started this website.  Technical difficulties have now been resolved.

So without further ado, I give you my RealExcitingSoccer play-by-play of a certain soccer match that took place yesterday.  If you still have it on your DVR, watch it RealExcitingSoccer style.  Any feedback you wanna give me in the comments section would be much appreciated.  Enjoy!

RealExcitingSoccer’s Inaugural Play-by-Play Podcast

The 2014 World Cup Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Today is the first day of the 2014 World Cup!  Later today, Brazil and Croatia kick off the tournament at the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo.  Leave a comment with your predictions!  Who do you think will with the World Cup?  Will a European team finally win in South America?  Will Brazil avenge their 1950 loss on home soil in the final?  Will an African team surprise us all this year?  Will the USMNT get out of the group of death?  So many story lines.  So much to watch.  This is the best time of every four years!  What are you most looking forward to?

This is a new website, so I’m still figuring things out.  But I encourage you to DVR today’s match and then to check this space later this evening.  There will be an audio surprise waiting for you that will change the rhythm at which you experience the Beautiful Game in the English language.

Welcome to

Welcome to!

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States in terms of popularity.  Major League Soccer, for example, recently passed the NBA in average attendance per game.  Though the NBA’s season is twice as long as MLS’s, the attendance numbers for MLS mean that soccer is here to stay in America–something that was not clear even ten years ago.

Despite soccer’s growth, it is still somewhat of a niche sport.  The average person in the USA doesn’t follow it except, maybe, during the World Cup every four years.  For a lot of Americans, soccer is boring.  Soccer players dive a lot.  Soccer players fake injuries.  And while that can be true on rare occasions, soccer–and what it means to the world–is so much more than that.

The premise of this website is that there is much about soccer that the average American misses out on.  In fact, there is much about soccer and soccer culture around the world that even die-hard soccer fans miss out on.  Soccer is the most international of all sports.  It is played in more places, followed by more fans (the estimated TV audience for the World Cup Final in 2010 was between 750,000,000 and 2.5 billion!), and makes more news worldwide than any other sport.  Unless you speak multiple languages, there’s a lot of news to miss.

The purpose of is to deliver soccer content to die-hard and casual soccer fans in a way that brings cultures together, celebrates the beauty of The Beautiful Game, and exposes English-speaking fans to aspects of world soccer that are under-reported here in the United States.  It is our hope that as you experience this website that it will change the rhythm at which you experience The Beautiful Game.  Enjoy!