Alegria Pura: Reactions from Around Brazil to Neymar’s First Goal

The first time I really got into the World Cup, I was living in Brazil in 1998.  The reactions of the people to goals, the fireworks, Brazilian National Team announcer Galvão Bueno‘s play by play and goal calls.  It was all breathtakingly joyous.  Alegria pura.  Pure Joy.  Truthfully, when I got back to the United States, something was missing from my soccer experience.

The piece below at the New York Times shows the reactions of Brazilians around the country to the first goal scored in today’s match by Neymar.

Click here to see the New York Times’ interactive video.

That brought back the joy I first experienced in 1998 while watching the World Cup with Brazilians in Brazil.  Tip o’ the hat to law school collegue Scott Wessman for sharing it.